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Flash Catalyst – The way Flash should have been since day 1

Ok, I will say it right away. I have never liked Flash… There I said it. I have never been a fan of Flash, and I was actually feeling bad about not liking this “new trend” back then. The main reason was that Flash relies way too much on coding, and I always believed this software can be configured in a way that you can achieve the same results with no coding what’s so ever. And Adobe finally heard me : ) Flash Catalyst is exactly the way I have been expecting Flash to be since day 1. Now that Catalyst is out, it make me wonder why Adobe hadn’t think about this before. I know the capabilities of it is still limited, but I’m sure Adobe will improve it version by version. So, there you have it, Flash Catalyst is a nice software with interactive features, which can actually be used by designers (not programmers) as well.


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