XBox Kinect and usability

When I saw two kids playing the new XBox Kinect in a shopping mall in Cape Town, South Africa, I got so excited and couldn’t wait to try it.

After 15 mins of waiting one of the kids to finally get off, I got to race off with the other kid. I can’t remember the name of the game, but it was a typical car race game. Not only I lost to the 8 year old kid, but I also got very disappointed that the overall experience was not as much fun as I though it would be.

Firstly, the reaction of Kinect to my motion was not instantaneous. Plus, it took me only two minutes until I got very tired of holding my arms in the air like holding a steering wheel.

I remember Steve Jobs explaining how they tested touch screens on the new MacBook Airs, and that the overall experience was quite tiring. He went on to say that having a touch screen on a laptop is not just a pleasing experience. That’s exactly what I felt with the Kinect.

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